Engine Rehab

By DriverSide Staff  
Car Engine
Even with an impeccable history of maintenance, all engines eventually need to be rebuilt to continue operating efficiently. Unfortunately, due to the mechanical complexity of modern internal combustion engines, this is about as labor intensive (and expensive) as mechanical repairs get. 
The engine will need to be removed from the vehicle and completely torn down – no small task when you consider the process entails the disassembly of the engine into literally hundreds of components. Each component has a specification and wear limit, and any components outside that limit need to be replaced. 
The best way to avoid this expense is to strictly follow your manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule and use the best synthetic lubricants available. Some newer vehicles suggest maintenance schedules of up to 10,000 miles between oil changes, but that is only under ideal conditions – no stop-and-go traffic or drastic weather conditions. In reality, very few of us drive in such conditions. 

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